Saturday, December 22, 2012


Last night we finally got a little bit of news.

A further study of Cole's nk cell function has returned from Houston.  As expected, the activity is abnormal, but in our physician's words it is beyond what they've been able to test for to this point.  It also varies from what the experts expect to observe with CD16 deficiency.  Due to this, they are planning further tests after the holiday.

Of course we are to be vigilant, taking all precautions with Cole, as we are once again wading in murky waters.

While I have been patient, I can't even explain how frustrating it to still not completely know what we are looking at again.  In my head, I feel like we should know.  How is it that a 100 piece puzzle can suddenly morph into one with 125 pieces?  How is it with so many medical breakthroughs every single day, after more than a year, we are still standing here with so many unanswered questions?  And, it isn't just us, it is the doctors as well.

The only answer I have is that there is some big reason for all of this.

At Cole's christening, as our priest welcomed our son into our parish he said that the world was now complete with the addition of the new baby.  Cole is one special little boy, he has changed our lives, and no matter how frustrating it is to wait for the unknown, he is the perfect completion to our family, and I believe he can change the world.

One piece of the puzzle at a time.

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