Monday, December 31, 2012


Every December 31 the world stops to reflect on the year that has past before turning a fresh page. Resolutions are poured out as White Out on paper to correct the minor blemishes on our autobiographies.

For me, this past year has been bittersweet.  I've met goals I set for myself, one being this blog and its Facebook page. In this experiment, I have been humbled by the response by readers and likes.  I cannot thank you enough for following us on our new road, especially with Cole and his medical odyssey.

Unfortunately, we've been replaying the cycle of 'hurry up and wait' with fast testing and waiting for results that seem to take forever.  Sometimes I think we're stuck in the whirlpool with Scylla and may never make it back to Ithaca, then I realize, like Odysseus, we have already come quite far on our way back to a safe harbor.  Sharing this journey has given me an outlet for where I am as a mother, not just to be able to update, but to lighten my shoulders while letting some of the emotional weight flow through the keyboard.

Never in my life did I expect such a detour.  After all, I had achieved all I ever wanted: loving marriage, beautiful kids, and a wonderful career.  Nothing was going to stop me.  In the past year, I've learned to never underestimate the undertows of life's tides, they can snap your safety tether like a toothpick and carry you out to sea in the blink of an eye.  Treading water has also taught me that the change of scenery might be all you've been needing to blossom.

Which brings me to 2013.  This is our year.  It has been almost two years of testing, two years of waiting.  This has to be our year, one for answers.

In all of our uncertainty, I will not make a resolution, instead, I will pledge to keep embracing the path we've been led down, one day at a time.  On this long and winding road, I will not give up faith that our physicians will put this puzzle together sooner rather than later.  Every day I will stop to appreciate all that day has given.  As tough as this may be at times, I know others have it so much harder, and we are truly blessed.  Mostly importantly, I will be a pillar of strength for all our kids as they move through lessons they are far too young to know, especially for Cole, who needs to be braver than any two year old should ever have to be.  I may never be able to make this better, but I can be there for each of them, unconditionally, every step of the way.  This year will be a good one.  After all, thirteen is a lucky number.

While I will continue this blog, I have a couple other little writing projects to push forward in the months ahead.  As they emerge, I hope you will take some time to read and share, which will aid in  giving them wings to soar.

As we bid farewell to 2012, I must thank you again for reading.  I'm not sure if I would I call this little blog successful or not, but I know if one other zebra parent has stumbled upon this blog and has found a flicker of hope that they are not alone, then it has been.  If it has made some of you slow down, look around and appreciate what you have with your own children and within your lives, then it has.  Just like in my classroom, if I have taught you a lesson you can carry with you in your day or even your life, then I have met my objective.

I wish you all the very happiest New Year, may yours be filled with hope, love, and magical possibilities.



  1. Happy New Year to you and your family Liz! I think about you and pray for your family always. Miss you at WM but know you are where you should be. Hugs to all the kids and all the best in the New Year!
    Linda R

    1. Linda,
      Thank you so much. Miss seeing you and being at WM very much. Always thought I'd be back in 811 sooner than later. Happy New Year - hope to see you in 2013! :)