This is where I will post my fictional distractions.  

Here is little something I wrote for my boy and his dog.  If you know Willow, it makes this even funnier!  Illustrations are in the works and so are stories for my girls with kisses in their hearts. <3

There's something strange,
there's something new,
in that basket
all wrapped in blue.

My people are smiling.
It's me they are shooing
from the new little creature
lying there cooing.

I just want to see!
I just want to sniff!
And maybe, just maybe
give it a lick!

What's that sound?
Is it whining?
No, my masters are saying
it's something called crying.

What are they doing?
What's that he is eating?
Isn't a bone
what he is needing?

I must be right!
That kid's really crying.
Really? A bottle?
They should keep trying.

I just want to tell them
that thing wants to play.
They keep dropping my ball
Saying, "Dog, not today."

Maybe it'stime
that thing asks to go out.
I smell something stinky
without a doubt.

What is it about
that small noisy bundle
that's making my masters
forget and to fumble?

When I just keep talking
and use my loud voice
I'm sent to my bed,
I don't have a choice!

But this little blue monster
creating a ruckus
has all their attention
like it's something wondrous!

What about me?
Aren't I mans' best friend?
Should I be worried?
Is this the end?

No more belly rubs,
walks or head scratches?
Should I be looking
for new master matches?

Wait! Here comes my dad,
he's talking quite funny.
Not the sound for a walk
even though it is sunny.

"Hi, dog." he whispers.
"Be gentle and meet
your new baby brother.
Isn't he neat?"

A close up to take a good sniff,
and to see if this "brother"
gives me a whiff.

The blanket dad's holding
has a small opening.
My nose finds its way
to what I am focusing.

My dad pats my head.
A new smell, a new toy!
"Meet little Cole," he says,
"He is our boy."

"Right now he is little,
noisy and sleepy,
but one day soon
he'll be more than just weepy."

"Before you know it
you'll be best of friends,
running and fetching
until each day ends."

Licking Dad's face
I show I am glad
with my new toy called boy
and to still have my dad.

"I'm glad that you like
our new family member
who will share our adventures
for now and forever."

Scratching my head
he gets up with the baby
so I'm not forgotten
still number one maybe!

I'll just bring him
my favorite squeaky red ball

to show I'm not jealous
not one bit at all!

Dropping the sphere
inside of his cradle
I see his sweet face,
he looks like an angel.

The bundle is quiet,
lost in his dreaming.
He really is precious
when he's not screaming.

I suppose this boy, Cole,
for now is all right.
I'll watch over his bed
just for tonight.

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