Sunday, February 16, 2014

Flu Season

If I haven't mentioned  it, I really hate flu season.

To me it doesn't mean sickness, it means avoidance.  Avoiding germs this time of year is tough, especially when every microorganism at school tries to hitch a ride home with my girls.

While we are careful throughout the year, forgoing many things we'd like to do as a family, this year flu season is eating away at me a little.  Maybe it isn't flu season by itself, but the waiting and anticipation of so much this week.  Either way, it's driving me to find distractions.

Like planning a day of Harry Potter potion activities.

Like bringing all the chairs in the living room to build a fort.

Like putting extra chocolate chips in the pancakes.

Like baking a requested cake, smothered in ganache, which I can't touch.

Like singing Sara Bareilles with the girls at the top of my lungs , changing the station and doing it all over again.

Like making ice cream in a bag, then turning it into root beer floats.

Oh wait, those aren't distractions, all of those things are just the every day.

Here's to a week of the every day around here.  Maybe I can't do every little thing I'd like to, or see all the friends and family I'd like to at times, but I realize, some times our every day rocks around here.

Regardless, for the record, I still hate flu season.

Hopefully I will have news to share with all of you later this week on a number of fronts.  Stay tuned.