Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Unfortunately as parents, many of us will experience dread creeping over us as we await news that appears overwhelmingly ominous.  I know firsthand what this is like, and hope those I know never have to wrap their hearts or minds around such irrevocable proclamations.

Regardless of where we have been, I still believe in miracles.  They happen every single day.  Yesterday's phone call is proof of that.  Another loved one struggling with cancer needed to go for a scan to see how it may be progressing.  Based on earlier scans and discussions with physicians, this family was prepared for the possibility of grim words.  Instead, the scan went better than they ever anticipated.  While they still need to talk with doctors regarding the findings, they did not expect the very clean scan that appeared.  Truly a miracle in this season of light.

I firmly believe in the power of prayers and love.  My heart could not be happier for this family, as they have received such a gift after one tremendous journey.

Often, I wish for the phone call, telling me they've made a mistake, or that I will wake up to find our road has been no more than a dream and I'm back in my normal routine.  Yet I know that I have been placed on this path for some reason, not yet understood, that some good must come from this.  While I've hoped for our miracle with Cole, I realize, he is one of our miracles, truly a gift from God, and that brings me great joy.

It is now a week before Christmas.  For me, take a minute from all the hustle and bustle, stop and really look at the miracles with which you are blessed.  It is so easy to dwell upon our struggles, but within there are slivers of awe that will take your breath away, that is where we should all focus.

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