Monday, December 3, 2012


After two weeks home, Gwyn is finally able to return to school this morning. As excited as she is to go back, I must say, I am going to miss her being here during the day. From worksheets and crafting to decorating, we've kept ourselves rather busy this week.

Of course, we've also had our share of appointments to run to as well. In fact, Friday's was one we were not expecting. After noticing a few spots around Cole's chin that quickly exploded into hives on his cheek, immunology said they wanted to see him at the hospital. By the time they saw us, the spots had multiplied, spreading to his back. While they ran various tests, since we will not have any results until today at the earliest, Cole was started on a course of antivirals to combat any of the possible exposures he cannot fight.

 Unfortunately, all of these developments may need us to wait on this week's procedure.

In the meantime, we are still waiting for the other big results so we are able to determine if we turn left, right, or head straight on this path.  This never-ending uncertainty has been frustratingly long and one that it seems many people just don't understand.  The fact that doctors just can't wave the magic stethoscope as a remedy so he can be a normal kid is just reality at this point.  Then again, this is the season of miracles, where anything is possible.  Here's hoping for a call of good news today.

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