Thursday, February 16, 2012

Take Two

Today is colonoscopy number two.  After two days of prep and a morning without anything I am wishing Cole's OR time was earlier than it is.

At first I thought this time would be easier, especially since he will drink from a cup now and then, but he refused after the first two cups so we had to go back to the syringe.  Poor kid is so used to medicine plungers he drinks better from that than a cup!  At least when he was thirsty.  I hope he's clean enough, after he regurgitated the last of the prep all over the two of us Nick declared his prep done while I whisked the baby to the tub.

Little guy is still sleeping peacefully.  I hate to wake him, but he can drink this morning for another half hour and I want him to have something since he refused pretty much everything he could have yesterday.  At least the girls were good with not eating near him or attempting to give him anything.  Before dinner last night they left the pantry door open so Cole grabbed two sleeves of Ritz crackers, whining as he waddled over to me with them. When he handed them to me I thanked him and he gave me the most puzzled look I have ever seen!  At least he can have some today.

Here's hoping today goes smoothly, I will update here briefly if I have a chance while I am at Children's.  Once again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your love and support, as our road stretches longer than I would have imagined knowing you are all there brings me calm.

Oh, and for those of you that know about take one, I did remember to pack extra clothes for myself.

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