Sunday, February 19, 2012


TGIF, even better, that it is family movie and pj night.  While cleaning up dinner I think it finally hit me just how drained I am today, like I've been running on empty without knowing it for some time.

Nick told me to take a few minutes to myself, just to relax, so here I sit, with a nice cup of tea.  To be honest, I don't want the tea, just the hot mug.  There's something soothing about holding a warm cup of anything especially when the heat begins to spread from your palms, infectiously radiating like the intensifying morning sun.

As parents, no matter what you are in the middle of, whether it be something stressful, like we are dealing with, or just every day life, I think we all need to stop to take a few minutes to re-energize.  In the past, that meant a date night or even getting together with family or friends and their kids and letting them play while the adults hung out, which we can't really do and we miss.  So, for me these days, that means either sleep, a quiet cup of coffee and a book to decompress, or a quick card game with Nick.

I know tomorrow my batteries will be recharged, but for tonight I will give in to this exhaustion and go to bed, instead of just falling asleep in the living room, again.  Besides, I need to be ready for all the winter break activities, especially the faschnaut making, the girls' makeover day, and the big winter indoor camp out!

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