Sunday, February 26, 2012


Trying to keep my nervous energy in check tonight.  We should have answers to this last round of tests sometime tomorrow.  Until then I need to keep my mind busy so hopefully it will be tired enough to stop turning when it is finally time to sleep.

In honor of my dear husband's birthday I am attempting to make a Death Star birthday cake.  Between that and the Oscars I think I should be pretty preoccupied this evening.  The Death Star will be much easier than the Luke Skywalker Darth Vader cakes my aspiring Next Great Baker daughters drew and wanted me to bake.  I am not at all a sculptor, but I can certainly manage a giant ball!

When we have information and are ready to share, I will post.  I feel badly I am not calling you each individually, however that becomes quite difficult and honestly, writing it down for you gives me a chance to truly process what we've been told and the next steps in our journey.

Thank you again all for your prayers, understanding, and support.  They mean more to us than words can explain.


  1. Liz - I just caught up on several posts from over the past two weeks. It is now Monday afternoon, and I hope you are getting the information you are waiting for. We are all pulling for you all. God bless and keep up the good fight. You are an inspiration to many! -Laura