Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My post on Facebook about our fasnachts got lots of feedback as well as requests for the recipe.  As I made our customary Fat Tuesday treat with Gwyn, I wondered what unique traditions other people have, not just for today, or those that are food related, just different traditions.

Those of you that know me understand that in addition to baking and cooking, writing and yes, even just editing for someone are activities that distract me when I need to turn my brain off from worry.  I love getting lost in a work, watching my words scroll across a page, waiting for someone's eyes to flow in their current, just as much as when a book possesses the magic to dissolve time.

With all of that, I also enjoy good conversation about fiction and non-fiction alike, I suppose that is why I am an English teacher.

So with that thought, and in anticipation of my guest post I have written for the blog Making of a Mom about traditions, I am asking you to help distract me, and give me some interaction here on this blog.

What unique traditions do you have with your family?

What have you passed down from your childhood to your children?

What new traditions have you started with your family or friends?

Ask your kids what their favorite tradition is.  It was fun to hear what my girls had to say when I asked them, and the perspective of a child can be refreshing, humorous, and eye-opening.

Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you want.  On this day of indulgence, humor me in my assignment, after all, I've got teacher's withdrawal.  :)


  1. I will post the fasnacht recipes I use on my concoction section later today. :)

  2. Liz, (do you like to be called Liz, or Elizabeth)
    I really appreciate that you are taking the time to do this blog, and i am happy to interact with you. What grade of English do you teach? I really enjoy reading...probably a little more than watching the tube. When i moved into my apartment in Oct (my first one alone), as i was sorting through my things...i came across one of my high school books...(which i was supposed to read at the time and didn't). Anyway it was To Kill A Mockingbird. So i started to read it...and i really enjoyed it. It took me a long time to get through it...i'd read for a couple of days, set it down and pick it back up after a while. When it ended, i kind of felt let down...I wanted to keep reading that story. I didn't want it to end! Anyway after that...i bought a Nook from Barnes and Noble. I have read several since than. I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction alike. I read fiction: Prayers of Agnus Sparrow, (cute little christian fiction) and I've also read (Water for Elephants) which I really enjoyed. On the non-fiction side, another book i was SUPPOSED to read in high school but didn't was the Diaries of Anne Frank. So i went onto my nook and did a search for it. There was a charge for that one, so i decided not to at this time read it. I did find one though that was similar and free! It was called The Secret Holocaust Diaries...true story...very good. I also read one about the Voices of Armegeden. This book is the collection of interviews that this author did, in regards to the tensions and the good things that are beginning to happen in this area that is surrounded by violence and war for thousands of years. Just last night I began another book. This one is a historical fiction. It is over 1,000 pages, but the reviews says it is very good, and very easy read. It is called "My lady Gisborne" I figured it was time for another fiction work. I'm looking forward to reading it! Other books that i'd like to read in the future include "The Help", and allot of these autobiographies. Stacy Dugar, Gabby Giffords, Jacqueline Kennedy, probably even the apple guy Steve Jobs. I also want to read Jill Kelly's book (without a word). Other books that i have read include all in the Left Behind Series,and a book by Marybeth Chapman, called Choosing to See. Not sure if you are aware of her story. Her husband is Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman. They got married, sharing the same maiden name, here in OH. Had three natural birth children, and then later on decided to adopt 3 other children from China. One day as they were preparing for the wedding of one of there natural children, a tragic accident happened, where one of the little girls from China died after being accidentally hit with the families S.U.V. I still remember hearing the news of it the following morning. I was stunned. Anyway, Marybeth wrote a book, about her life before during and after the death of Maria Sue. A very good read...i laughed and cried throughout the whole book. She also writes a blog at www.marybethchapman.com. After hearing of the death of their beautiful Chinese daughter, many people, (including myself) wondered if Steven would come back to the stage again or not. Turns out he has. He uses this story to touch the hearts of many peoples lives.

    and being an English teacher, your probably a stickler on grammar and proper spelling. So forgive me on all my ...'s, and my ()'s as i use these allot,and probably incorrectly! Its been a long time since I've been in an English Class! Luckily automatic spell check is helping me quite a bit!

    1. Sally,
      Thank you for writing me. Before Cole, I taught middle school English. Due to his medical journey I have been unable to return at this point. I love to read and write and hope to have a book of my own one day. "The Help" was incredible, you should certainly read it! Another great read is "Juliet" by Anne Fortier, great mix of a classic story with mystery and intrigue. I also love the Hannah Swensen books by Joanne Fluke. They take me to a small town where I feel I know everybody, which is always a fun place to visit. Another great author is Chris Bohjalian.
      I too would like to read the Steve Jobs book. Being from Buffalo, Hunter Kelly's story is one I am familiar about. I have read pieces of Jill Kelly's book before all of this happened to us and just can't bear to read it now even though I have wanted to.
      Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I hope to write more than just about the medical aspects of our family, however it has been such a bulk of our existence lately - the rest of the time we are striving for normalcy with the kids.
      Hope to hear from you again.