Thursday, December 5, 2013


Just as amazed I am with how quickly I deteriorated, I'm astonished at the pace of this recovery.  Never did I expect for it to be overnight, yet I thought with positive thinking and effort I'd be back to normal by now.  Getting there, but I've still got a way to go.

With the time to sit, I've been reading more than usual.  

Jumping right back to my old roots, I'm tempted to get back in my classroom, to talk about conflict and the idea that art imitates life, as readers we can connect to characters and their struggles, even learn from them.  

So many different plot lines, yet beneath them all you don't have a story without a central conflict.  

Sure, reality is not nearly as drama-filled as some of the novels I've recently indulged in, but there are speed bumps in all our worlds, ways we've been derailed or detoured unexpectedly.  Like our literary heroes, it is from these challenges we learn our lessons, while we grow and change as individuals.  More often than not, just as you may temporarily lose faith, I've found you discover and build more strength and character making your way through it all.

In life, everyone has their struggles at one time or another.  All vary, yet to the bearer, none are easy to carry in the middle of the storm.  No matter what your battle may be, remember, there are others around you who have been there too, open your eyes, you have kindred spirits who understand.  And in the middle of the night, you can find any number of characters who may make your journey seem like a piece of cake.

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