Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today should be interesting to say the least.

After finally tucking myself in after midnight, Paige was still awake with Nick. I have about ten minutes before I need to wake her from her sleepy slumber. She is the last of the kids I like to have deprived of her rest, she is downright GRUMPY! However she was thrilled that a doctor told her to stay up as late as she could just this once. Easy, successful prep.

For years, Paige has woken at night. Not just a quick stir, a someone is stabbing me, terrified screaming, kicking, thrashing kind of nightmare wake up. The worst part about them, is that she does not fully waken, and does not remember a bit of it in the morning.

Initially, we were told it was night terrors, she would grow out of them. Once she started yelling about her legs, the belief was they were growing pains, and they wouldn't last too long. Now with the onset of her migraines, the neurologist we were sent to feels there may be a connection, thus the tests this morning. While she knows what to expect, I know she is nervous, especially since she wants to bring Pooh Bear with her. Hopefully he can go with her.

When she is finished, I need to come home and trade kids.

Cole needs to go to see immunology at the hospital. We had an appointment for this Thursday, but since he developed chicken pox like bumps across his torso, thighs, and a few other random places, in addition to a fever, they wanted to see him immediately, with the first appointment available we go today. We were given a list of reasons to go directly to the hospital, but so far he seems ok, irritable, but ok.

Very hopeful for a few things today. First, that this is not chicken pox. Secondly, that we finally have word from Houston as to what direction we need to move in. We've had test results for almost a month, yet not the analysis, so with any luck, today is the day the next leg of our marathon will start.

Time to play my role as mommy alarm clock! Have a great day everyone.

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