Friday, August 17, 2012


Patience must be something I needed to practice.  It has been two weeks since our latest results were sent to the consulting expert and we've yet to hear anything.  I called our doctor last Friday, but they were also hearing crickets.  Today is my day to call again.

The toughest part about it all is that we are stuck at an intersection with no map and no idea which direction to turn.  I guess we will just dance under the streetlight.

Each day I am fascinated by each of the kids. Paige, who I still cannot believe is 7, now fiercely scoring goals at soccer practice instead of picking flowers.  Gwyneth, brimming over with excitement to start kindergarten, where I know the transition will change her, make her a much more grown up five than she is here at home. And of course, Cole, whose emerging sense of humor, not just through movements, but in his little voice leaves us all laughing.

So, while I still have nothing to share, I am taking in the quiet moments in between all the noise of our saga, savoring the sweetness of our family one breath at a time.

Special thanks to our friend Justin Huett for the awesome pics of the kids by our fire last weekend.  Your talent with a camera is amazing!