Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It breaks my heart to know there is another family in our shoes.  At the same time, I am grateful they have been able to share so much of their journey with us as they are a few steps ahead of us at this point.  While it might turn out that we are on different paths, so far there are similarities within our travels that give me hope that Cole is not an anomaly and someone will have some answers for us.

About a month ago, someone posted information about their young son who sounded just like Cole on a Crohn's post that I follow.  As I read further, they discussed how the presentation in the intestines was like Crohn's but instead after their IL-10 test, found to be an immunodeficiency.  This is the same IL-10 test our g.i. doctors would like run on Cole, however due to its novelty, have not been able to run.

Since their initial post, I have been in contact with this family.  Their journey has been filled with challenges and hope.  Their son, now two and a half, is preparing for his bone marrow transplant.  Still, as they sit with their little one in the hospital, this family has been taking the time to reach out to us, share their story, and communicate with us about their doctors and tests, all while asking us about Cole.

Please, stop and think positive thoughts for this family and their son today.  Their strength is astounding and I am so thankful for their support and kindness to us as they embark on such a difficult leg of their odyssey.    

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