Saturday, August 25, 2012


Yes, as a handful of you know, we have some answers. I have been trying to take it in and process where we are before writing.

Although we have a clue, in many ways, we still know very little. Basically a genetic mutation was found in CD-16 in one of Cole's blood marker tests. Doctors here believe this is the root cause of his nk cell dysfunction, yet they are waiting for further discussion with the consulting expert. As it was explained to us, at this point in time, Cole is only the eighth individual found to have this mutation. Keep in mind, many findings in immunology appear like this, as some of their studies are fairly new, with novel discoveries every year.

So far, this means nothing different for Cole. He is still very susceptile to the herpes class viruses like chicken pox or mono. For now, until we hear from Texas, his course of treatment is the same. Down the road, he will most likely be on an anti-viral regime to help ward against these invaders. Bone marrow transplantation is also an option, yet not what our phuscian is recommending at this time.

Since CD-16 has no connection to Cole's gi issues, our doctors are still persuing the IL-10 testing. Thanks to a very kind family across the country, our doctors have been able to contact the expert treating their son with the IL-10 receptor deficiency. Hopefully, this contact can offer our experts other avenues where they can explore their hypothesis since there have not been answers regarding studies where they have requested Cole to be a subject.

Clearly, we have had quite a bit to absorb this week, not to mention the ripple effect of choices and various emotions that are part of the package with this type of news. In the end, not much has changed, we've been doing what they've recommended now for a year, so this isn't really a new normal anymore, just our normal. Which, as long as the kids are thriving, I'm perfectly fine with.

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