Saturday, November 23, 2013


While I've updated quite a bit on Facebook, it's been tougher to get here without my laptop.

Cole has been doing wonderfully!  He goes for his remicade infusions every eight weeks, and has been taking his various meds without issues, thanks to daddy.  Really, we couldn't be more thankful for his progress and current stability in terms of his Crohns.  

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for official news about the different studies in Texas.  It seems waiting is just our status quo, which honestly, we never imagined would leave us in limbo for so long.  So while we wait for the next set of directions, we still just take one day at a time.  As simple as it sounds, it's still the best way I've found to wrap my mind around it all when I'm frustrated with the unknown.

As for the rest of us, the girls are doing well in school and very excited for the holidays.  We've had a rocky fall, as my own ibd reared its ugly face, and I'm still working to recover from my time in the hospital.  We've been lucky to have family and friends do so much to help.  Never did I imagine at 36 I'd be struggling to walk up stairs or take a shower.  The good news is that each day I am getting stronger, so I can't complain, there are many who have much harder roads.  

I do hope to write here more frequently, there just hasn't been much to say.  For now, we are doing the best we can, having faith that this journey' s purpose will make sense down the road.

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