Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's always great to have a distraction when you have to wait indefinitely, yet all diversions are not created equal.  Our little man is plagued with yet another ear infection, one step closer to yet another specialist to visit.  At least my hands are so full that the last thing I've worried about is the ominous ring of the phone.

When it did ring, after my greeting, our immunology fellow bubbled that while she still did not have any of the expected news for us, she did have some news to share.  The study in Houston was finally ready to set up Cole's draw.  All of the normal levels in the study are in the process of being finalized, therefore if everything is set on their end, we will be headed to Children's at the beginning of next week.  In addition, she reminded me that Cole's case is being shared at a national immunology conference this weekend and hopefully between all of the experts attending, another may have more ideas to offer regarding his condition.

Even though I was nervously anticipating completely different information, this still gives me a sigh of relief as the sands of my hourglass pace themselves, steadily slipping south.  Time is not infinite, and without these puzzle pieces it's as if all I can do is sit by, helplessly unable to weigh all options, attempting to balance all the gray trapped within the monotonously silent grains.  With so much information on the cusp, I pray as it begins to speak our language, it shatters the glass, altering the urgency of fate, buying time.  

For now, I will take my little man's snuggles, as all he wants is to cuddle up and watch Woody.  Luckily there are three Toy Story films or I might really start to dislike Tom Hanks and Tim Allen!

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