Thursday, November 1, 2012


Patience is easier when you are busy.  Glad for all of the Halloween/birthday festivities yesterday to keep moving and not focus on the phone.  

Now that the excitement has silenced like an empty arena, I'm back to cooking.  Yes, I said cooking, which for me, is better than baking.  Some people clean when they are stressed, me, I'm a tornado in the kitchen.  Once upon a time I would spend the day curled up with pen and paper, but that's hard to do when your toddler is scaling Mount Everest and K2 without his safety harnesses in the living room.  However in the kitchen, I can distract him as he looks for good hand holds on the rock wall drawers.

So today, I continue to wait and I cook.  It is a sauce and meatball day, some for dinner, some for the freezer.  Aromatic all day and end result is fabulously tasty, certainly a way to stay busy and positively productive while willing the phone to ring.

Before the house stirs I need to hide all the loot from the kids' "treating" last night and strategically place our guard dinosaur to keep Cole from the top of the cupboards looking for candy.      

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