Monday, April 2, 2012


We certainly don't need next week's sugar laden Sunday around here, we've been filled with enough excitement without any confections!  Paigey is obsessed with wiggling her first loose tooth, certain every day that today will be the day she loses it.  I am certain that one day, hopefully sooner than later, she will be right.  Gwyneth has what seems to be an every other hour countdown to her fifth birthday.  I have assured her there is no way we could forget.  Just in case, she had Paige write me a note as a reminder.  Then, there's Cole.  As our little mountaineer summits the couch every time I turn away, he raises his arms and shouts something resembling "Score!"  Of course he has yet to master the art of descending, thus the need for constant rescue, which is a captivating game for my crusader, especially since he has my full attention when I should be making dinner.  And, for me, I could no longer contain myself and finally saw The Hunger Games with a friend, instead of waiting indefinitely for date night.  As for Nick, he's pretty energized with his own plans for the trout making their way upstream this week.  Needless to say, there has much ado about something here at all times lately.

After our last appointment with g.i. where we were given Cole's diagnosis of Crohn's Disease, he was unable to get his next set of immunizations due to a low grade fever.  After a few sleepless nights with little we could do to comfort Cole or help his cough and fever, we were given prophylactic antibiotics to ward off whatever might be brewing.  While this sounds simple, Cole has had a rather adverse reaction to the medicine, pretty much flinging him right back into a full blown flare.  Needless to say, we have discontinued the medication and need to go in for some lab work in the morning to be sure he has not developed a c-diff infection from the lack of good bacteria left in his intestines.  At this point I am hoping we stopped the medicine before there was too much damage so we are able to get him back on track and ready for his surgery at the end of the month.

Even with this little setback, we've been working hard on getting ready to celebrate around here.  Placek and kuchen are ready to be made, the mold for butter lamb is ready to be filled, and birthday requests have been heard.  I am hoping I am able to find the Woody doll Gwyn wants at the store since it is too late to order online.  At least she finally gave me a tangible idea, although I can't blame her for asking for a trip to Disney, after all she is my daughter, she dreams pretty big!  After presents are bought, all I have to do is find a new way to actually give them to Gwyn.  Last year I gave her a riddled message and a map to find her treasures.  My pirate loving daughter was thrilled and has reminded me how cool it was.  I am thinking I will need to figure out how to top that.  Here's hoping inspiration strikes fast!  No matter what I do, the next few days will be bubbling with uncensored childhood commotion and I will be taking the time to breathe in the playfulness, allowing myself to be carefree with my three before these magical moments disappear. 

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