Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Day

Today is a big day.  Our little man needs to go in for surgery.  Nothing related to his Crohn's, just a routine surgery.

Regardless of how often any procedure is done, surgery is still pretty serious.  Needless to say, I've been pretty anxious the past few days.  While we played outside today I couldn't help but think at this time tomorrow Cole will have yet one more ailment that he can't tell us about.  The doctors assured us while he will be very swollen and bruised the pain meds the first few days will keep him comfortable.  Here's hoping.

As the day goes on I will update here as well as on Facebook for those of you following.

Thank you again for all the messages tonight as well as the prayers you have sent.  Cole's doctors are superb, excellent in their craft, so whatever they encounter tomorrow, they will do their absolute best.  Still, until I am able to hold my baby in recovery I will be nervously pecking at my mindless iPod apps to pass the time.  For the record, I really still think there should be a workout waiting room - a great way to get rid of nervous energy.

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  1. Liz - Praying that everything goes well today, and you'll have him back in your arms before you know it! Love to all! -L