Tuesday, July 9, 2013


When I think of our journey with Cole, I know it has changed me, maybe even made me braver than I thought I could be.  I am not the same person after starting on this path, and I didn't realize how different I was in some ways until an old friend I hadn't seen in a while pointed a few things out.

Still, when I think about Cole's battle, I fully understand there is only a certain level of bravery a mom can have, that it is my little man who truly is the one who must be stronger and braver than I.

This being said, I know another young lady, filled with strength and drive, who I admire deeply for her ability to face her cancer battle with dignity.  Her name is Katie, she is my niece.  I just wanted to share her story with you, since it is inspiring and heart-warming.

Please take a few minutes to watch Katie's story, maybe even check out teenslivingwithcancer.org, the organization she has been working with that has helped connect her with other cancer patients.

If she can make it through this, she can make it though anything.  Such a great mantra!

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