Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy news

Sorry about my hiatus, sometimes technology just is not cooperative.

It has been an amazing week in so many ways.  Late Thursday afternoon, we finally got the call we'd been waiting for since October.   The lab results were in from Toronto.  Cole' s IL 10 analysis was normal!  Such a relief to hear good news from a test.  The lab is now moving forward with a whole exome study.  Our immunologist says this will give a comprehensive view of a large  portion of his genetic code, particularly pieces we have not seen.  As they are still trying to pinpoint underlying causes of Cole' s issues, instead of continuing to single out genetic sequences one by one, this should provide faster information.  Now begins the 3-6 month wait.

Houston has started to reanalyze for CD16.  Even though Cole' s sample was atypical, the blood markers still indicate this is where they problem lies.  In this further study, they are hoping to have information to share soon.

In the meantime, Cole is having a pretty significant flare.  We spent yesterday back and forth to and from the lab as we had various specimens they were requesting.  Again, in terms of his blood draw, Cole was such a trooper.  One brave little boy.

So for now, again, we are patient.  So much good medical news this week, and tremendous support from my extended West "family".  Thanks to all of it, I've been able to slow down, catch my breath for a moment, and work on a few of my little projects, which I know are going to be big, just wait.

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