Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Idea - Maybe....

Many of you reading know the journey we have been on.  Those of you who know us personally may understand how this has changed us, then again, you may not.

In all this, I have had a nagging need to do something, not just for our family or Cole, but for others in situations like ours.  Yes, we did the Crohn's walk, which will be an annual tradition, but I need to do more when I am able.

This is where I'm asking my network for help.  I have an idea and need to explore how to get it off the ground.  Basically, it's to help parents like us, giving them a moment, a few hours to catch their breath, as they navigate the rising and falling squalls that their new world has become.  While you always carry the situation with you, taking a step back, a breath of fresh air, can recharge your batteries more than you know.

However, I have noticed that few of us in these types of scenarios do this, especially with our spouses, for one reason or another.
I want to change that.

There are support groups to talk, which are tremendously beneficial, but in this case, my goal is to provide couples an opportunity where they have a few hours to turn the volume down from their lives, have an afternoon or evening out, and recharge.  I know many may say they can do this themselves, but again, many will not, be it care or cost issues.  As much as we have tried to keep things normal for our older kids, we are tired, and don't often do the same for ourselves.  Yet, while infrequent, the dates my husband and I have gone on have given us so much, not just a few moments away, especially since we often talk about the kids as well as all the medical stuff, but a strengthening in us.  And I know any parent can use this, but once you've begun to endure situations creating endless worry, it is a new ball game, one I hope none of you need to stomach.

So, if you have any tips for me, please email me, or message me.  Is this a good idea or not?  I realize this may just be a pipe dream, but in my head it makes sense as a way I can help others manage to take their own deep breaths, then continue with their marathons.

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