Wednesday, March 7, 2012


There's nothing like a taste of spring topped with sunshine to sweeten the start of any day.

Today was Cole's follow up appointment from his last colonoscopy.  Since they had already called us to discuss the discovery of the granuloma we figured this would be a relatively short visit.  At this point I'm come to realize anything less than an hour is just abnormal.  And just as our visits seem to be getting longer, they are also getting closer together.

Now that the biopsy shows a granuloma, the physicians are closer to truly diagnosing Cole with Crohn's Disease.  They are still hesitant because the presentation just is not quite right and they are trying to be entirely sure the nodules and inflammation are not symptoms of something else. There is still the fleeting thought that with Cole's immunological issues the gastro problems could be a side effect of another problem.  So, we continue to wait.  This is the same position we have been in for the past few months, as if our iPod is stuck, repeating the same song over and over.

Even though Cole is flaring right now the doctors are trying to stay away from another course of steroids due to the issues with his immune system.  In addition to suppressing his immune function further, the prednisone could also begin to impact his growth, which at this point is not going in the right direction.  Once again, Cole is losing weight.  This time he is down a little over a pound in the past three weeks.  Unless his symptoms begin to worsen, we are just to continue with our usual medications and work on getting Cole to not only eat, but to put on and maintain his weight.

To help with this task, the g.i. nutritionist will be in touch with us tomorrow to discuss how to bulk up Cole's diet.  One thing I do know, there is no weaning in my near future.  From the last visit I thought I might be able to nurse less, but the doctors have told me I cannot at this point.  I'm ok with this, I just was ready to know there would be no more unexpected bites in my future.

So as we wait to hear what immunology has to share with us next week, we keep working on trying anything and everything we can to get the little man growing.  Here's hoping for big gains in the next few weeks.

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