Tuesday, March 6, 2012


There are times lately when I really think I've got it all together, then I realize I happened to miss a beat somewhere.

This week is a one appointment week.  It was however supposed to be a three appointment week, yet I wrote the girls' dentist appointments on the wrong date of the calendar.  I honestly have no idea why!  Luckily the dentist knows our situation and just rescheduled us for the cancellation he had next week.

As I painted our hallway yesterday, I was downright proud of myself for having laundry done, dinner cooking, and everything else in order.  Then the office called to see if things were ok here since we don't miss appointments.  Like the office, I guess I should laugh at my mistake - I know I am far from perfect!

Tomorrow we see the g.i. doctors again, not just to follow up, but to discuss in further detail the latest colonoscopy findings.  Since Cole has been flaring for the past few days, this appointment couldn't come fast enough.  We know they are going to outline the path ahead in more detail, even though we have a pretty good grasp on where we are headed.  Keep your fingers crossed we are not in for any more surprises!

In the meantime, we will settle in for one of our many pre-prepped freezer meals I made last week.  One day of prep, lots of meals for when you don't have the time to cook.  It was nice to change beds, play, and get in a workout during Cole's nap instead of prepping dinner.  I'm feeling energized and looking forward to practicing math facts with the girls tonight!

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