Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ides of March

For the last two weeks the line "beware the ides of March" from Julius Caesar has been bouncing around in my head, both when I am awake and when I am sleeping.

Well, today's the day.  Is it the parent conference for Gwyn I should be wary of or the already ensuing battle of food with Cole?  Since I've already been coated with cereal and bashed by a flying banana I am going to go with the second.

This afternoon we finally meet with Cole's immunologist to go over all of the findings in greater detail as well as learn what the course is from here.  All we really know right now is that she has quite a bit to share with us.

The good news about today is that it sounds like they have more of a plan for us now.  No matter what it is, we're ready to do anything and everything for him.

Never thought when we had Cole our lives would change so much, then again, you never think that your new baby will be sick.  Why not our family?  Things like this can happen to anyone.

All I know is like the girls, our little man certainly is something special, here for a reason.  I know I have certainly learned quite a lesson in humility.

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