Monday, October 29, 2012


If our situation were a novel, I'd be tempted to look at "Frankenstorm" as some type of foreshadowing.  In the calm before the storms, we've prepared with water, batteries, and food for the impending short term catastrophe, distracting in a sense from what we've really been anticipating, the call.

It's almost too coincidental that the two events have been forecast to slam our household at the same time.  Both with potential to alter pieces of our lives, both advancing while all we can do at this point is wait and ride out the storms and their aftermaths.

If I were analyzing elements, I'd surely tell you the weather was hinting something more than just the physical storm.  Could it be the emotional turmoil of characters, their conflicts?  Perhaps a turning point, as after the storm there is always a rainbow.  Is the anticipation merely rising action, leading to the climax of the tale?

Either way, while a story, our situation is certainly far from fiction, even though I'd like to wake up and learn the bad parts were just a dream.  So I will step away from analyzing the weather and its timing in our saga, I prefer looking at all the positive signs that something good is on our way.

Stay safe everyone.    Hoping to share a break in the clouds with you tomorrow.

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