Monday, October 8, 2012


Two years ago I never thought a doctor's phone call would leave me just as excited as having a baby!  Ok, maybe not quite that much, but enough to get me bouncing off the walls! 

Earlier today our immunologist called us to inform us that Cole was finally accepted into a study regarding his IL-10 receptors.  Since gi brought it up last spring, immunology has been looking and trying to get Cole evaluated by a researcher looking at IL-10.  Since this particular study is newer, from what we've been told, it has been a bit of a challenge moving ahead.  Either way, after months of waiting, that is behind us, and as soon as the special blood collection tubes arrive here at Children's Hospital we will be forging ahead.

Why did we need to consent to another research study?  According to our doctor, CD-16 and Cole's nk deficiency are completely separate issues from his gi issues, which the IL-10 could be related to, thus the need to delve further into this particular sequencing and in a totally different study.

Unlike our last genetic testing which took almost two months for answers, results will be available after two weeks of not only Cole's sample, but mine and Nick's as well.  As much as I am bubbling over like a bottle of champagne, I am also anxiously awaiting answers.  I can't even explain how incredible it would be to have more information to shape Cole's treatment as well as to help direct our sails.  Instead of drifting without a map, we could chart a stronger course towards our goal of keeping Cole healthy and happy.

I know there may not be a final answer in all of this for some time, and for now, while we often feel backed into a corner, left with very few options, new answers may just be around the bend.  The work from this study can change where we are, be eye-opening, giving Cole's physicians missing pieces of a puzzle so they can finally see what it is they have been trying to construct.  Honestly, I cannot express how hopeful I am for what lies ahead, instead I'll just keep doing the happy dance in the kitchen for today.  Just so incredibly excited!  


  1. Congratulations and best wishes to you all!

    1. Thank you Rachel! I see your blogs on teaching - very cool!