Thursday, June 28, 2012


Recently a friend's mom asked me how we were able to do what we do from day to day.  Without blinking I told her, we just do, one day at a time.  Doesn't everyone?

Still, her question has lingered in the back of my mind.  How have we been able to stay sane throughout this adventure?

When I look back on where we've been, aspects of how life has changed, and the uncertain road ahead, to be honest, there are times I am overwhelmed.  I guess that's why I try to look at each day as it comes.

Appointments on the calendar have dictated our new commutes, while blank dates free us for walks and play at home.  Not as many exotic adventures as in the past, but, on the bright side, nap time is usually uninterrupted.

Our family solitude has been lonely at times, and declining good times with friends or family has been disappointing, particularly for the girls.  Yet, summer's arrival brought soccer and swimming so they are once again satiated with shin guards and sun.

Regardless of where we are, the bustling of each day often leaves me drained, absolutely empty, needing to recharge.  These evenings I just can't find the strength to explain the latest tests, flares, or tantrums, even on the blog.  Instead, I escape to the novel, typically for just a few pages, before I surrender to sleep.

Somehow, with each sunrise I open my eyes to a blank page, a fresh canvas for the day to envelope.

Taking each day as it comes is easy, ditto for doing what is best for my kids is, yet there are days that feel like someone hit the pause button on our family while life around us kept moving forward.

Having a child with any illness changes your world, but it is difficult to understand or fathom how until it actually occurs.  No one expects or hopes for this path, we certainly did not think anything like this could happen to us.  In the end, our careful and cautious planning did not immunize our trail.

Things happen for a reason, yet I've been lost in trying to comprehend why all of this has happened to our son, or any young child for that matter.  In the back of my mind, I frequently have to fight the bitter urge to let this detour leave me angry.  Instead, at these times, instead of going day by day, I take in one moment at a time, reminding myself just how lucky we are.

While our "norm" has changed, our family is strong.   The girls have learned more about compassion, sacrifice, and absolute unconditional love because of this ordeal.  I've taken a step back, truly seeing and cherishing what is right in front of me; right here, right now.  

So how do I do what I do?  It's easy, I chose to be a parent, and in that choice, anything that comes along where my kids need me, especially when they are young, is my responsibility.  If that means blazing a new path, to weave back to the highway, then so be it.  I've always been up for traveling the less traveled route anyway, the untamed scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.