Friday, October 17, 2014

Deep Remission

So Cole has had his scope and yesterday we got the news that his biopsies show he is in DEEP REMISSION!

His gi doctors told us that we are doing a great job with him, which was something I needed to hear because there are many days that I have felt almost helpless, not being able to take this away.

While we are still waiting for some kind of news regarding what the next step with his immunodeficiency will be, we are so thankful for where we are right now.  There are still many limitations, but to see him, he is perfect, all of these diagnoses just seem unreal.

Two years ago, when faced with the choice of remicade or surgery for Cole, I feared for his future.  Never did I imagine after his hospitalizations and difficulty to thrive for so long that he would catch up to be right where he should be.  We are so grateful that our prayers have been answered and he is doing so well.

Until we have news from his immunological team we continue the remicade therapy every eight weeks and wait for the next step.  His gi physicians are continuing to reach out to other professionals, sharing Cole's story and discussing the latest research with early onset ibd and the best long term treatments.  So thankful for their diligence and constant support for Cole.  While they applaud us, without them,he would not be doing nearly as well as he is, which is truly all that matters.

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