Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It is amazing how much you don't realize you take for granted when everything in life is flowing smoothly.   Equally amazing, what you learn and come to understand about yourself and those around you when things are not.

Things that were once a given have changed beyond your imagination.  The mundane routine can easily become a celebration.  An acquaintance turns into a trusted life-long friend.  Your eyes are opened to clearly see those only adapted for fair weather and blue skies.

Life isn't always beautiful, but there is always something miraculous to witness.  Right now, my eight year old is sleeping in the chair as I type.  She had one of her night terrors and asked if I'd sit with her.  It seems like we just brought her home yesterday, and here she is, so big, growing up into such a beautiful, amazing young lady in blink of an eye!  For a moment, as I watch her dream, I'm taken back to watching her as the other kids sleep as babies.  No matter how long the days can be, my heart is filled with love from being their mom.  Becoming their mother has changed me, made me less selfish, made me more empathetic, made my heart fuller.  For that, I am grateful and hope to never take for granted.

For the friends and family who have dropped everything to help us, I really cannot say enough.  We are still on a long road.  While I must sound like a broken record by now, I must repeat how the little things have meant more than we can explain.  For each of you, for being there when we've needed, even when we didn't think we needed anything, I am beyond grateful.

Regardless of where you are, things are going well or if you've hit some road blocks like we have, stop and be thankful for at least one thing.  There is at least one thing you can be grateful for today.  Start there, it makes a world of difference when you're scaling Everest without oxygen tanks.  Crazy to realize now how you took those tanks for granted last time you were into thin air.  Good thing you can catch your breath while reflecting.

What are you grateful for today?

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