Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've realized it has been some time since I have really posted here.  After running into a few people who have said they've been worried something was wrong, I know I need to get back on.  Since the blue screen of death to my laptop, I've not been on the computer as much, and as much as Nick's Kindle is cool, it constantly deletes what I type into the blog as I go, rather frustrating! During this break, I've been getting my own health back in check, physically from my IBD, and mentally by reconnecting with the musical side of my life with the guitar, not to mention my little writing project, all of which have kept me busy in my spare minutes.

I promise some more updates, and pics.  If I ever get my scanner going today, I have a celebration to share with you later today!

Much love to all who keep following and supporting us.  <3

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