Sunday, February 3, 2013

Groundhog Day

After a long few days, Cole seems to be slowly responding to the prednisone.  In addition, we've both slept well for a few hours tonight, which is more than I can say about the past few evenings.

This afternoon he did manage to stealthily remove his iv line from his hand.  He was awfully proud of himself, while we were stunned not only by his successful tinkering, but by the gory aftermath.  Needless to say he was thrilled to finally be free in our temporary home.  Since he was doing well, the doctors felt they could wait until the  morning to reinsert.  I can only imagine how happy he will be around 5AM.  I will  have earned my coffee, that's for sure!

Overall, we are all in good spirits.  Tired, but optimistic that we've turned another corner.  Once again, there aren't enough words to praise our incredible nurses up here in hematology/oncology.  From Michelle to Trina and now Lynne, you have all been amazing.

On the homefront, we miss the girls, and owe them their report card celebration we postponed on Friday.  Being Gwyn's first one ever, it is a BIG deal.  Picnic jammie and movie night will be so sweet, especially since her favorite Peter Pan will be available for next weekend.  Out of every fairy tale, I wish I could take the kids to Neverland so they would never have to face the grown up tolls of illnesses until they were in fact, grown ups.  For now, the escape in Barrie's world will suffice.

I cannot thank so many of you for the offers of help and the actual help.  Until now, we've done ok, never wanting to impose and really just fine day to day.  It has been a big step from my "I can do it all" way of thinking to accept that I can't always do it all and to let others help.  Believe me, if we are here as the hecticness of the week commences, we start taking you up on your offers if we truly need them.

On that note, it is time for me to head back  to bed.  Sweet dreams to you all.  I for one will be dreaming of my coffee fairy, hoping for a swift arrival of caffinated, warm deliciousness I can savor before taking on whatever adventure tomorrow brings.

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