Thursday, September 6, 2012


While I'm anxiously awaiting both Paige and Cole's appointments tomorrow, my thoughts can't help but drift elsewhere.  Despite where we are in our journey, despite the good days and the bad, I try to remember that there are other people with similar struggles, some that may be much harder than ours.  I can't help but think of other kids, of other families, dealing with their medical mysteries and odysseys, especially one family across the country.

One night I happened to check the feed from a Crohn's forum I follow on Facebook. There I found a post from a parent sharing the latest findings regarding their son's IBD and IL-10 studies.  My scanning became focused as soon as I realized these were the studies our gi physicians had discussed with us and our immunologist had been looking into.  Immediately I sent a message asking the writer to please contact us.

Within days, Mason's father sent me a message explaining their situation as well as their willingness to help us if they could.  Not long after, Mason's mother also reached out to our family, offering to talk anytime.  She did this even though she is sitting beside her son as he regains his strength from his bone marrow transplant.

Social media has given me an opportunity to not only share our experience but connect with someone who has traveled in our shoes.  We have been able to cheer for Mason through his Facebook page and connect with his parents through the messenger.  I am asking you all to please, keep this family in your prayers.  Mighty Mason and his family have endured quite a bit on their road.  Their journey has touched my heart, and their strength and kindness inspire me as my trek with Cole continues.  Please take a moment to let their story touch you too.

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