Friday, May 18, 2012


Being a regular anywhere is comforting, even in a specialist's office.  We walked into the g.i. clinic today, and were greeted warmly and personally by the receptionist, the norm for us these days in this particular location.  It's funny, when the practice realized Cole's condition was more serious than their initial thoughts, we became family.  Now, each visit is like a reunion, recapping time during peek a boo games with Cole, followed by the task at hand.

After we ran the gamut, the g.i. fellow beamed with pride as he told us about a recent conference he attended where he presented Cole as a case study.  Not only did the images from the scopes baffle the community here in Buffalo, but the they have also puzzled the national g.i. community.  Even the lead g.i. physician agreed that as they ventured through the meetings, there were very few suggestions, only questions regarding Cole's case.  Physicians here still feel that what they are seeing is something more than just Crohn's yet they cannot put their fingers on exactly what it is.

So, once again, based on a suggestion from the conference, we thought we would be heading towards new tests.  However, for now, we've hit a roadblock.  Our immunologist stated she would love to run the labs for us, unfortunately the current study is only being looked at in mice at this time.  Hope came in her next breath as she discussed the advances being made in immunology and how kids who don't quite fit in any given mold are being given their own molds, where others may fit as well.

For now, Cole is still a mystery.  Unlike the frustration of a Rubik's Cube, no matter how many twists and turns I manipulate with Cole, his giggle and smile make moving forward as easy as breathing.

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